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Evasive Driving

How to complete a J-turn


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The Spin and Go


In Fernando's book, The Modern Survival Manual, he describes how driving skills of most people erode during tough times. Maybe it's due to people not caring as much, or something else.

What this means for you as a prepper is to know how to handle situations on the road. Staying calm is always the first and best option, but if you need to get out of the situation, you might just want to use that maneuver you see in the movies all of the time, the J-turn.

Quote from the book:
"When a guy tries to "dare" you to stop by standing in front of you, accelerate and aim straight for him. This has happened to me more than once, and they always get out of the way.
If you foolishly stop, you can possibly get shot or carjacked."

Sounds like a great scenario to use the J-turn.

Don't be stupid. The J-turn is a very powerful technique that should only be used when absolutely necessary. Also, if you have a top heavy vehicle, be smart. There are a lot of things at play when using this maneuver. We show this on the site to make you aware of proper technique, but do not condone the use of it unless you feel it is necessary to protect your well-being.

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